Broccoli & Roasted Almond

(Puree of Brocoli Flavoured with thyeme & Finished with almond & cream)

Rs. 90.00


(A classic italian vegetable broth with toamto,beans&pasta)

Rs. 90.00

Rosemary Scented Mushroom

(Silky puree of button Mushroom cooked with onion,scented with rosemary&finished with cream)

Rs. 90.00

Stracciatella Soup

(Italian egg drop soup finished with parmesan)

Rs. 100.00

Chicken Meatball Soup

(Seasoned chicken broth with root vegetables&mince chickenballs)

Rs. 100.00

Italian Seafood Chowder

(Theme scented Seafood&tomato base soup)

Rs. 100.00



(Mix of french bread,onion,ripen tomato,bell peppers,cucmmber tossed in vinaigrette dressing)

Rs. 190.00

Garden Fresh Salad

(Garden fresh seasonal vegetables.lettuce&tossed in italian dressing)

Rs. 190.00

Warm Chicken & Pasta Salad

(shredded chicken,pasta,bell pepper&tossed in thousand island dressing)

Rs. 210.00

Chicken Ceaser Salad

(Crispy lettuce,with grilled chicken,garlic croutons,parmesan shavings,&mix with ceasar dressing)

Rs. 210.00

Phils' Salad

(Mixture of lettuce,shredded chicken,bell pepper,olive&tossed in cocktail dressing)

Rs. 240.00

Veg Starter's

Garlic Bread

(French loaf topped with garlic butter&toasted)

Rs. 150.00

Crispy Mozzarella Stick

(Crumbed Cheese fingers serve with barbeque sauce)

Rs. 190.00

Cheesy Potato Wedges

(Cheesy potato wedges serve with marina sauce)

Rs. 190.00

Nonveg starter's

Chicken Nuggets

(Breaded Chicken deep fried,serve with bbq sauce)

Rs. 210.00

Crispy chicken

(Flatten chicken crumbed&fried serve with chilli mayo)

Rs. 220.00

Herb Crusted Chicken Skewers

(Chicken supreme marinated with chermoula spices&grilled)

Rs. 220.00

BBQ Chicken Lollypob

(Chicken lollypob tossed in bbq sauce)

Rs. 240.00

Garlic Prawn With Toamto&Basil

(Sautee prawns with olive oil,garlic,tomato,basil&served with garlic bread)

Rs. 270.00

Cajun Spiced Fish Finger

(Fish finger tossed with onion,pepper&cajun spice)

Rs. 270.00

Meat Balls

(Seasoned lamb mince tossed in arrabiatta sauce)

Rs. 280.00

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